Three Aurora Shooting Victims To Sue Cinemark

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It was a mother’s worst nightmare, the idea that your kid could go to a movie premiere and end up being shot. That’s what occurred on July 20th and less than three months after the tragedy the lawsuits are starting to happen. Three Aurora shooting victims of the horrible massacre that took place on the premiere of the Dark Night Rises in Colorado are suing Cinemark theaters for not taking enough safety measures.

According to NBC News:

Two lawsuits that have been filed in federal court allege that Cinemark USA, the owner of the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, could have had more security equipment and security personnel to prevent the gunman from entering the theater through a rear exit door and committing the mass shooting, KUSA reported. The complaints were filed on behalf of Brandon Axelrod, Joshua Nowlan and Denise Traynom, according to KUSA.

“Any person who wished to make a surreptitious and unauthorized entry into the theater could easily determine that the lack of security personnel and lack of any alarm on the door at the right, front by the screen of Auditorium would allow them to leave the theater, and re-enter without fear of being discovered, interfered with, monitored or stopped,” the lawsuits allege, according to KUSA.

The Aurora shooting victims were never expecting to be injured when they went to go see a movie on July 20th. They just wanted to enjoy a summer blockbuster and escape for a few hours. It still makes me so sad to think of what these poor people have gone through.

KUSA also reported Friday that the movie theater will reopen by the beginning of 2013.

The future of the Century 16 theater had been in question since the shootings. The city of Aurora conducted a survey on Facebook to ask what should be done with the building, and a city spokesperson said the majority supported re-opening the theater, KUSA reported.

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan wrote a letter to Cinemark USA on Sept. 12, according to KUSA.

“While no one will ever forget that day, it is now time to look forward and plan for the future,” Hogan wrote. “We believe that we are hearing, and indeed have heard for some time, a collective wish and desire for the theatre to re-open.”

I hope the victims of this terrible tragedy are able to heal and find peace.

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