The Animals Who Raped Audrie Pott Graffitied Their Names On Her Naked Body

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Audrie Pott Rape Case Victim Drawn On Eight days before she took her own life, Audrie Pott woke up in her friend’s bedroom, confused, partially-naked, with profanity, names and drawings written on her body. We know she went to school for the next week and asked her friends what happened to her. We know she confronted the boys who victimized her looking for answers. But this new information revealed yesterday shows just how profane and humiliating the actions of the boys who did this to her was. According to

The police report also says witnesses told investigators the three suspects took the drunken Audrie to sleep in an upstairs room then assaulted her.The report says the attackers pulled off her shorts and partially removed her bra, exposing her breasts, the newspaper reported. Markings were found on her chest, legs, back and near her genitalia.”They wrote ‘Blank Was Here,’ on her leg,” said family attorney Robert Allard, not using the actual name because the suspect is a juvenile. “They marked her.”

Also according to the report:

Sgt. Mike Leininger, a retired San Jose police detective hired by the family’s attorney to investigate the case, said interviews of people at the party showed the suspects were sober at the time of the attack in Saratoga, a bedroom community on the fringe of Silicon Valley.

Audrie’s parents gave a press conference yesterday to speak about their daughter and to promote “Audrie’s Law” – which they hope will stiffen penalties in California for cyber bullying and to treat juveniles as adults in some cases of sexual assault. I personally feel that this law should be nationwide.

According to reports, Audrie knew her attackers since middle school. These boys were her friends. The took at least one photo of her attack and sent it to at least 10 people. Two days before Audrie killed herself she witnessed one of the boys in the school hallway, huddled around his cell phone, showing something to other classmates and laughing. It is also alleged that after the boys stalked her and harassed her and took steps to destroy the evidence.

The 16-year-old boys were arrested Thursday on sexual assault charges and are expected to appear in a private juvenile detention hearing on Tuesday. At the news conference:

In her mind, Audrie felt as though “the whole school knew,” Allard said at news conference, citing Audrie’s Facebook page the family scoured after her death.

Allard made a point to say there was a direct cause-and-effect between the party and Audrie’s suicide, where hours before she killed herself, she called her mother: “I can’t do this anymore Mom. Pick me up.”

We can’t do this anymore. We can’t allow our kids to think that this sort of thing is cool or accepted or “okay.” We need stricter laws, more rape culture awareness taught in schools, and to remind our teen girls that they aren’t safe with anyone, even boys they have known since childhood. And yes, I know that boys are also raped, but in this case, and in a lot of other cases in recent news, it has been boys doing the raping. As soon as a group of girls rape a boy while he is blotto drunk I will be sure and write that up as well.