Attachment Parenting Is For Kids Of All Ages

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Strive for Balance
All of parenting is a balance. No matter how you become a parent and no matter how old your children are, balancing your work, your personal life, your children’s needs, and the needs of your family will always be about balance.

While so much of AP’s publicity is about babies, it’s clear to me that these principles go well beyond the baby years and can help make us more conscious, more present, and more emotionally sensitive parents—for the well-being of our kids as well as of the people they will meet and interact with as they go out into the big, intimidating, and sometimes scary world. At least that’s my hope.

MayimBialikMayim Hoya Bialik is an Emmy-nominated star of CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Bialik earned a B.S. from UCLA in 2000 in neuroscience and Hebrew and Jewish studies, and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA in 2007. She is currently the spokesperson for Texas Instruments, inspiring young women to engage in careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math. In March 2012 Mayim released her first book on attachment parenting, Beyond the Sling. Her newest is Mayim’s Vegan Table, a cookbook. She is a columnist for the Jewish parenting site

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