20 At-Home Activities That Will Keep Your Toddler Entertained

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Print some paper dolls

Image: PaperThinPersonas/Victorian Archives

We’ve just learned about this site, and it’s blowing our minds. Over at paperthinpersonas there are tons of dolls, clothes, and themes that can be printed out for free and played with. The awesome part? The dolls come in different shapes, sizes, and races. You can theme the dolls to a lesson as well, since they come in period accurate historical eras and holiday outfits. They’re offered both in color and black and white, in case your kiddo wants to design their own fashion. There are boys too, with cool outfits like ‘fantasy,’ ‘knight,’ and ‘prince.’ There’s a paper doll for everyone! If adult coloring books are a thing, can paper fashion design be too? I think I may want to get in on this.

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