Video Music Director Arrested For Fathering Six Kids With His Daughters And Yep, His Wife Knew

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shutterstock_86779999__1375103202_74.134.205.46Oh man, do you guys remember the Fugees video for the Roberta Flack cover of Killing Me Softly? Well, the dude who directed this music video has been found guilty for raping his daughters and fathering six of their children, and this whole nightmare started when Aswad Ayinde, age 55, started raping his youngest daughter when she was just eight years old.
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According to the Daily Mail:

Aswad Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, NJ, was sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in six children being fathered. Mr. Ayinde was found guilty in his latest trial of having intercourse with a daughters when she was as young as eight-years-old. The second sentence adds to the 40 year sentence Mr Ayinde received in a 2011 trial for sexually assaulting a separate daughter.


But to add to the crazy to make this awful crime even crazier:

In a disturbing disclosure during his first trial, Mr. Ayinde’s former wife said he was trying to create a ‘pure family bloodline’ by impregnating his daughters. He even claimed during a pre-trial hearing before the first trial that ‘the world was going to end, and it was just going to be him and his offspring and that he was chosen.’


And to heap even more awful crazy on to this entire pile of crazy:

The sexual assaults happened for almost 30 years until Mr. Ayinde and his wife separated, officials said. They occurred in numerous homes across northern New Jersey, even while the family was under watch of state child welfare officials, according to NBC New York. Some of the rapes even took place in an abandoned funeral home.

Ayinde beat his daughters and kept them isolated from the outside world, and yeah, this is another one of those unthinkable cases where the wife knew what was going on. I’m sure she had her own issues and was struggling to keep her own mind together, the guy was obviously extremely abusive, but it’s so hard for me to understand how a mom could let this go on. Ayinde faces 90 years in jail, but that seems like a small price to pay for his crimes. Hopefully he will make some new friends in prison who feel the same way.

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