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If You Can’t Find Humor In Temper Tantrums, A**hole Parents Isn’t For You

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If there’s any reason to get worked up over Howerton’s new site it’s not because she’s daring to talk about the unpleasant aspects of parenting, it’s because it’s already been done before. A few years ago, part time stay at home dad Greg Pembroke started posting pictures of his crying children on his Facebook page. He included captions with the seemingly silly reasons why they were crying. His friends thought it was funny, so he posted the images on Tumblr and the rest is the internet blogger success story known as Reasons My Son Is Crying.

Pembroke now supplements his content with submissions from readers of their kids crying. With over 39,000 Twitter followers, multiple television appearances and a book published last year by the same title, clearly there’s a market for parents who want to relate to each other over crying children. Instead of insults, Pembroke’s book is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon with reviews like this:

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Just like how the toys our kids play with and the food we feed our children may vary from our own childhood, social media is changing how we preserve and share family moments.  Most people have at least one embarrassing picture of themselves as a child, whether it’s a naked baby riding on a tricycle or one of you red-faced and sobbing in the lap of a creepy Easter Bunny. Sure, parents weren’t posting these images online, but they were sending them to a developing center to be seen by those workers before saving them in albums to bring out and show your prom date. If you’re not comfortable with it, you don’t have to participate. But there’s no reason to try and make other parents feel bad for finding the humor in raising kids.

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