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If You Can’t Find Humor In Temper Tantrums, A**hole Parents Isn’t For You

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Kristen Howerton, author of the parenting blog Rage Against The Minivan is causing tongue to wag and pearls to be clutched with her newest Instagram account called Sadly, Howerton isn’t asking parents to send in tales of poor parenting in action that we’ve witnessed (note to self: write that down). Instead, Howerton is inviting readers to submit photos of their children crying with a caption as to what they, as the bad parent, must have done to cause the child to be upset using her hashtag #assholeparent. Behold:

Her new Pumas don’t light up so I’m an asshole. #assholeparent (Repost @kristenhowerton)

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In speaking to the Huffington Post about this new venture, Howerton said it’s purpose was to help parents laugh and:

[G]ain some levity over this phenomenon that can sometimes be really frustrating. Despite our best efforts, children are often disappointed, and I’m hoping it can be a humorous reminder that we’re all in this together.

While fans of Howerton’s idea enjoy bonding with other parents through sharing tales of parenting gone wrong, not everyone seems to get the joke. Critics are decrying Howerton’s new site because they claim it promotes shaming of children. There are lots of comments like this:

get off my internets comment Other insults written by people who are complete strangers to Howerton and yet still feel entitled to comment about her personal life range from attacking her work as a therapist to calling her a racist for only posting crying photos of her biological, and not her adoptive, children.

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