Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift And More Dole Out Advice At The Teen Choice Awards

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Last night, all of our tweens and teens got the chance to decide their favorite actors, musicians and sports stars. The Teen Choice Awards brought out an odd array of celebrities to be honored this year. The casts of Glee and Vampire Diaries seemed right in their element, while LL Cool J and Cat Deeley seemed a little out-of-touch.  More than a couple R-rated movies won awards, prompting several stars, like Cameron Diaz, to thank their 17 and 18 year old fans, because obviously no one else could have seen the movie.

While teens were obviously watching this awards show to squeal about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing, they also got a bit of advice from celebrities trying to relate to their youngest fans. Ashton Kutcher started the whole trend off by giving teens “the best piece of advice I ever received”. The advocacy didn’t stop there. Nearly every award recipient over the age of 18 had a pearl of wisdom for the audience, with the exception of Blake Lively. Although, I’m not sure the set of Gossip Girl presents a ton of opportunities to learn responsibility or humbleness.

So what did our kids learn from their favorite stars? Check out this gallery to see the celebrities best inspirational speeches.