As A Working Mom, I’m Happy Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Spoke Up For Working Women

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megyn-kelly-erick-ericksonI am going to have to rethink my negative feelings about Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly. Although she weirdly doesn’t identify as a feminist, she certainly sounded like one when she called out conservative pundit Erick Erickson on his derogatory comments about working women.

Erickson believes that it’s harmful to society to have so many women working outside the home, referencing how males and females, in nature, have different roles — the female being the one who usually nurtures her offspring. Despite this being completely wrong in itself (Lou Dobbs later mentions queen bees and how other animals have dominant females), Kelly references the science that proves children of working mothers and gay parents actually thrive.

From the video, posted on Think Progress:

Erickson: Megan, I don’t view it as judging…I view it as a statement of fact that when you’ve got a mom who’s working full time and then coming home and trying to be a full time mom as well, it’s very difficult, and I think three quarters of the public according to the poll agree that it’s difficult.

Kelly: Just because you have people who agree with you doesn’t mean it’s not offensive.

Later, she goes on to compare Erickson’s psuedoscience with the historical misconceptions about interracial marriage:

Megan: In this country in the ’50s and ’60s there were huge numbers of people that believed that the children of interracial marriages were biologically inferior and that is why it was illegal for blacks and whites to marry in some states in the country up until 1967. And they said it was science and fact if you were the child of a black father and white mother or vice versa you were inferior and not set up for success. Tell that to Barack Obama.

Standing ovation for you, Megyn. Has Erickson ever stopped to consider that this notion of a “full time” versus a “part time” mom isn’t a real thing? Either you’re a mom or you’re not. End of story. I wish people like Erickson would stop and listen to how ridiculous they sound.

Of all the women I know who are thriving in their careers and lives, guess what? Most of them were inspired by watching their own working mothers. I’m not saying being a working mom is a requirement for having successful children (hey, my wonderful mom was a SAHM and I’m happy in my career). But in my experience, families definitely aren’t harmed by having working mothers.

I can’t help but think people like Erickson are just grasping at straws to bolster their own confidence. I’m guessing he would feel emasculated if his own wife were to get a job outside the home, and this speaks volumes about his own weakness. If the only way a husband can feel powerful and successful is by keeping his wife and other women down, what does that say about him?

Thank goodness Fox News has Megyn Kelly to shed light on all the bullshit.

(photo: Fox News)