The Three Worst Excuses For Hiding Your Love Child Come Courtesy Of The Terminator

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love child with his housekeeper and hid it from his wife Maria Shriver and then humiliated her in a very public divorce a while ago? He had the dumbest excuses for doing so ever. If my husband is secretly hiding any affair babies somewhere I hope he has better excuses than these.

According to our friends at the NY Daily News:

At first, Schwarzenegger gave Shriver three ”lame” reasons why he hid the child, Joseph, from her: embarrassment, a compulsion for secrecy and not wanting her to tell her family ”” the famed Kennedy clan.

A compulsion for secrecy? So you are going to make your kid grow up without a dad because you have a tendency to keep secrets? That poor kid! And you didn’t want to tell the Kennedy clan? What would they have done to you? Taken away your birthday? And you were embarrassed? I can see being embarrassed because you couldn’t keep the little Terminator in your pants but a child is involved! That to me negates any embarrassment you may feel. So Arnold Schwartzenegger hid the poor kid for fourteen years, but he also kept the housekeeper working for him because:

 he thought that was the best way to ”control the situation.”

I suppose that makes sense, because then when Maria Shriver confronted him about it he could deny it over and over again.It wasn’t until he was confronted in couple’s therapy that he finally admitted the truth:

The 65-year-old action-movie star writes that he initially thought the counseling session was to help him and his wife cope with their transition from public to private life. But once faced with his indiscretion, he came clean.

”I told the therapist, ”˜It’s true,’ ” Schwarzenegger recounts in the memoir, set to hit bookstores on Oct. 1.

And after this yucky anecdote:

He claims that for a long time he even convinced himself that the boy was not his. But as Joseph grew older, he began to look more and more like Schwarzenegger until the ”The Running Man” actor could no longer run from his responsibility.

The resemblance was so strong that ”I realized there was little doubt that he was my son,” writes Schwarzenegger.

That poor kid. And poor Maria. And poor ex-Arnold Schwarzanegger mistress Mildred Baena.

The classy thing would have been not to cheat on your wife in the first place and not to father a son with the housekeeper, but when she had the baby Arnold should have come clean with everyone and tried to make the best out of the situation.

(Photo: Paul Harris/PCN News)

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