Are We Really Supposed To Believe Jay-Z Can’t Afford Brooklyn Prices?

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I live in Brooklyn. Not one of the swank, chic neighborhoods where the strollers are parked in rows outside the cafes or where the adorable puppies are tied outside expensive supermarkets, but pretty adjacent. Some of the gorgeous brownstones are pretty pricey and as a former babysitter to many of the families who have purchased such abodes, I know these homes to be beautiful both inside and out.

But when expectant father Jay-Z was asked whether he would be moving back to Brooklyn with pregnant wife Beyonce, he said that he couldn’t afford it! This coming from a couple who currently calls a Tribeca loft home –  or so he says in “Empire State of Mind.”

Jay-Z told E! news that when it comes to moving back to Brooklyn:

“I have been thinking about it, but the prices over there are really high,” he laughed. “It’s not like before!”

It definitely isn’t considering Park Slope was named New York City’s most desirable neighborhood in 2010. But I still find the image of Jay-Z sweating real estate price tags pretty inconceivable. If the top-earning Hollywood couple can’t throw together enough money for a down payment on a brownstone, then perhaps I should cross that aspiration off my list too.

(photo: WENN)