Wildlife Park Pulling April the Giraffe’s Live Stream After Injury

(Facebook / Animal Adventure Park)

April the Giraffe’s pregnancy captivated the internet for months, with millions of people watching the livestream set up by Animal Adventure Park (and even inspiring this hilarious spoof). Well, now that April the Giraffe has given birth to her baby boy, the livestream is coming to an end this week. Awwwww, now what will I watch when I’m supposed to be working?

According to News10 in New York, the livestream is shutting down a bit sooner than expected because April injured herself. Surrre, blame the victim. On Monday, the giraffe slightly injured her leg, causing her to noticeably limp. Livestream viewers inundated the zoo with concerned emails, overloading the zoo’s resources. Officials at Animal Adventure Park were like, “duh, we know she twisted her leg, we have it under control.”

”We appreciate concern but the bogging down of email servers and other platforms is the exact reason the giraffe cam will need to be pulled,”Animal Adventure Park stated on Facebook.

”While we appreciate the concern, it is interfering with normal park operations and preparation for opening; at a period when our resource of time is limited and cannot be hindered. Please allow our team to do as they are trained to do – we have their care covered!” So like, stop bugging us!

April the Giraffe and her calf
via Animal Adventure Park

People Magazine says that zoo always planned on ending the live stream about a week after April’s calf was born, so it isn’t shutting down that much sooner than they intended. The staff will use this time to care for April’s baby, and work on preparing the animals and the facility for Animal Adventure Park’s opening for the season in May.

If you’re starting to get the shakes about losing your access to the new giraffe family, the zoo has you covered. They’re currently running a contest to name April’s calf. A $5 donation lets you suggest five names for the boy giraffe. The zoo will then announce the top ten names, and fans can select their favorite from one of those. Fingers crossed Spotty McLongneck makes the final list!

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