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32 Apps On Your Kids’ Phones You Need To Be Aware Of

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Hide It Pro (HIP)

Kids Apps To Be Aware Of Hide It Pro HIP

Image: Hide It Pro HIP

Apps that hide content on our phones are designed to protect our privacy, but it can be a different matter when the app is being used on kids’ phones and parents want to ensure they’re staying safe. That is why Hide It Pro can be problematic. It was featured on the list of potentially dangerous apps by the Escambia County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office. The app appears to be a music manager, but it can hide all sorts of messages including texts and photos. If you were to look at your kid’s phone and they had the app, the icon would be music notes with the short form “HIP” as the name. Users create a pin code to hide the stuff they don’t want people to see in a folder so parents wouldn’t be able to access it even if they knew something was being hidden.

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