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32 Apps On Your Kids’ Phones You Need To Be Aware Of

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Socratic Math & Homework Help

 Apps On Kids Phones Parents Need To KnowSocratic Math & Homework Help

Image: Socratic Math & Homework Help

This one is a bit different compared to others on the list. One could view kids having an app that helps them with their homework as being a good thing. Unfortunately, Socratic Math & Homework Help has been called out. It isn’t the “get unstuck, learn better” app it was meant to be, but a tool for potential cheaters. Common Sense Media included the application on its list of apps parents should be on the lookout for. It provides answers which aren’t always right because they’re taken from online. And the problem is that kids can use the app to simply get the answer rather than figuring out the concept. That means they are no better off. See Salon‘s article, “It’s ridiculously easy for kids to cheat now,” in relation to the app.

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