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32 Apps On Your Kids’ Phones You Need To Be Aware Of

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Kids Apps To Be Aware Of Holla

Image: Holla

Holla is simply described as the “best random video chat app.” You can see why that description could entice kids to go on it. The reality is that the app allows users to have conversations with anyone all over the world. It’s not a dating app, but there could very likely be adult content. And there have been reports about trolling, racism, and bullying. Users are meant to be 17 years old to use the app, but fake accounts can be created. Holla has followers and popularity rankings that can be damaging to anyone’s self-esteem. There is a “24/7 moderation system” that blurs faces while matching, but once you get on users can meet a person in live video without a filter. Holla can filter people by location, which can potentially be problematic if there are dangerous and/or inappropriate users.

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