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32 Apps On Your Kids’ Phones You Need To Be Aware Of

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Image: Burnbook

If you are a fan of Mean Girls, then you likely have an inkling what this app is about. And you will know that Burnbook probably isn’t the best for the kiddos. Common Sense Media simply describes the app as an “anonymous board with hateful posts [that] lives up to its name.” It is harsh-sounding but sadly accurate. The app’s rules include no violence, nudity, or harassment and warns users who break the code will be banned. But, there is still cyberbullying despite some attempts by users to make it a positive space. It also isn’t that anonymous. Users share their location and select their school from a generated list which means that people could very well figure who the “anonymous” comments are talking about in their class. They might even be able to figure out who posted them.

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