Anyone Else Think It’s Weird Paul McCartney Will Marry New Wife In Same Venue As Linda?

Obviously marrying a widow or widower is a different matrimonial experience than committing to a spouse with an ex-partner. While it’s considered culturally acceptable to harbor a certain amount of disdain for your partner’s exes, one cannot very well rail against the deceased in good consciousness. Yet when Paul McCartney decided to marry American girlfriend Nancy Shevell in the same venue as his beloved late wife Linda McCartney, I wonder if she did harbor that disdain — for at least a minute.

Sir Paul is set to marry Nancy, age 51,  in Marylebone Town Hall in London where he wed Linda in 1969. The proposal was allegedly “a total surprise” according to Nancy and the wedding is said to be small:

His fiancee has said it will be a ”˜small family affair’ in contrast to the lavish £1.5”‰million ceremony when he married second wife Heather Mills…When asked about the wedding, she replied: ”˜Small. Just our families. I don’t know the exact date.’

The two are rumored to marry next month.

It’s wonderful that the former Beatle has found love again, but the eerie location selection seems to invite a third presence at the altar, even if unintended. While Paul has openly admitted his very deep love for Linda, a marriage that came and ended long before this woman could even attend a Beatles’ concert, the choice in location seems just a touch awkward to slap onto wedding invitations.


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