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shutterstock_72109813People actively choosing not to vaccinate are making other people sick. These people benefit from science, in the form of living in a society that can still claim herd immunity to most diseases – yet they think it’s their own good constitution and denial of vaccines that is keeping their families healthy. Not even recent, large scale outbreaks scare these people – whose unwillingness to recognize the benefits of modern medicine knows no bounds.

Measles was declared eliminated in the U.S. in 2000. How many stories have you read recently about various outbreaks? It’s back. And it’s because our herd immunity has been compromised by those who believe disproven dogma about the safety of vaccines. Other diseases like whooping cough and meningitis can be avoided with vaccinations as well – but 2012 was the worst year for whooping cough in six decades.

In Oklahoma, Michaela Mitchell is teaching her 10-year-old son Jeremiah how to live without both arms and legs. Meningitis forced doctors to amputate his limbs when he was six-years-old. He got the disease from an outbreak at his school. She says had she known there was a meningitis vaccine, she would have given it to him. Kathryn Riffenburg and Jonathan Alcaide buried their four-month-old son Brady two-weeks after they brought him to the hospital for what they thought was a bad cold. Brady had contracted whooping cough, a disease that infants can’t be vaccinated against until they are six-months-old:

The mother, who was inoculated years before giving birth to Brady, later learned that she could have gotten a booster shot during her pregnancy that likely would have saved Brady’s life. Although Riffenburg didn’t know to get revaccinated, people actively choosing not to are helping diseases once largely relegated to the pages of history books — including measles — make a comeback in cities across the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If several large outbreaks in areas known to be participating in the alarming trend of exempting children from vaccines doesn’t prove to anti-vaxxers that they are wrong about their views, what will? How long can we let these people ignore facts and science for “philosophical” reasons? There are so many things we all do everyday for the benefit of public safety – why isn’t remaining vaccinated against preventable diseases one of them?

If you ever hear anyone questioning the safety of vaccines, send them this video. Maybe then they will realize that the threat of these things returning is real. Who would deny their child the benefits of modern medicine? It boggles the mind.

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