Another ‘Teen Mom’ Gets A Tattoo To Honor A Child She’s Not Raising

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Most of the girls on MTV’s Teen Mom aren’t going to win any parenting awards. However, I think we can all agree that two of the ladies (a term I use loosely, very loosely) take the cake when it comes to awful parenting. Those two are obviously Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans. Portwood has spent time in jail for abusing her boyfriend in front of her child. Now, Amber’s little girl is with her father while Portwood is in a California rehab facility with a camera crew in tow. Jenelle became the “Amber” of her season when she was arrested for brutally attacking another girl. Currently, she’s facing a trip to prison for violating probation by testing positive for THC. Her mother raises her son, Jace.

These young ladies have more in common than arrest records and irresponsibility. In an extremely odd trend for mothers who don’t actually raise their children, they both have tattoos honoring the little ones. Amber made news last year for tattooing a picture of her daughter’s face on her stomach. Jenelle has followed suit, tattooing her son’s name on her wrist on a recent trip to California.

Listen, I have a tattoo. It’s a small, cliched lily that none of you will ever see. I have no problem with tattoos. And I have no problem getting a tattoo in honor of your children.

What I find ridiculous is getting a tattoo to honor a person that you don’t even care enough about to raise. Amber and Jenelle are getting tattoos because their children are important to them? Well instead of ink, maybe you should try taking some responsibility. Clean up your act, get your life together, and take care of your kids. I think they’ll appreciate that a lot more than their name or image permanently engraved on your skin.

If you’re child means so much to you that you feel the need to brand your body, they should mean enough to get clean for. They should mean enough to straighten up for. They should mean enough that you won’t make everyone around you pick up the slack and care for the child that you brought into this world.

I’m not the first to find this tattoo nonsense ridiculous. When Amber got her tattoo, The Gloss let her know that it didn’t make up for terrible parenting. Then Jenelle pulls the same stunt. If this is becoming a trend, terrible mothers get tattoos to prove their love, I want to let all of those girls know, being a responsible and caring parent is the best way to love and honor your child.

(Photo: Daily News)