Another Birth Control Recall, This Time From Glenmark Generics

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Abstinence is looking better and better! After the frightening announcement that Pfizer was recalling 28 lots of birth control because they were ineffective, Glenmark Generics has joined in the recall frenzy. The drugmaker told reporters Friday that they were recalling 7 lots of generic birth control because the pills might be placed in the wrong order.

When the birth control pills are taken in the wrong order, it can make the hormones ineffective. Once again, we’re left with the scary statement that you birth control “might not prevent pregnancy.”

In an issue that could make this recall even more confusing, the blisters of the recalled packages might be missing their lot numbers all together, making it much harder to identify.

The company hasn’t announced exactly how  many birth control pills are being recalled, but they said that the contraception was distributed between September 21 and December 30.

If the faulty pills go all the way back to September 21, there’s obviously a chance that some women may have already taken the pills in the wrong order. Glenmark Generic could be in the same boat as Pfizer, facing potential lawsuits from women who counted on the drugs to prevent pregnancy.