Anonymous Starts #ShutLoganRiver In Their Fight Against The Troubled Teen Industry

anonI’ve written about the troubled teen industry on Mommyish before, and it is, in fact an industry, a multi-billion dollar one at that, where parents can seek help for their teenagers when they feel like they have exhausted every other avenue. I’m sure a lot of these centers and rehabilitation facilities are okay places, and they may help some teens, but any parent considering sending one of their teens to one needs to thoroughly research them. In numerous cases, harrowing details of abuse and mistreatment have been reported.

Anonymous has launched operation #ShutLoganRiver where the goal is that:

 the close of the institution and to prevent the staff who are abusive from hurting additional children at other facilities.


The accounts on the website are staggering. From Shut Down Logan River:

extremely physically abusive when it came to PI’s and would throw fists and slam kids heads onto the wooden floors, often causing blood and scarring

[vimeo video=”78952716″]


According to The Daily Dot, representatives from Logan River Academy are denying any allegations of wrongdoing:

Logan River Academy is, and has always been, fully licensed and in strict compliance with all regulatory and accreditation requirements. All students receive professional care, treatment, and education from only licensed clinicians and accredited teachers. All programs at Logan River Academy were developed and are carried out in strict accord with all applicable professional, ethical, educational, and medical standards. Students are not isolated, secluded, abused, or mistreated in any way.

Anonymous is asking that local authorities investigate the abuse allegations towards the center. I have a teenager, but he is not a “troubled teen” (as of yet, knock on wood) and I feel for any parent dealing with a teen with extensive violence, anger, substance abuse or behavioral issues. Reading about the instances of abuse that take place in facilities like these, I find it shocking that they haven’t been investigated more fully. One of the saddest things to consider for me is that parents who ship their kids off to these places probably think they are doing the best thing they can for their kids, and once their kid “graduates” from the program in many cases they are left with stress-disorder symptoms and a host of other mental health issues due to the sort of treatments these places provide. Here’s hoping Anonymous is able to bring awareness to facilities like these that have been accused of practicing abusive behavior in their “rehabilitation programs.”

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