Anonymous Takes On ‘Rape Crew’ From Steubenville, Ohio – Demands Justice For Victim

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Football is a sport of violence. Football is a culture of violence. It doesn’t matter how much any of us enjoy football, this is a truth about the sport. Mix in a small town fallen on hard economic times where football is everything to the residents and you can understand why this case is so controversial. A young girl was raped. This is a truth. Local law enforcement hasn’t done enough to protect the rights of this girl. This is a truth. And we don’t talk to our boys enough about rape, about consent, and about how if you see a girl passed out at a party, the correct response is not to laugh and post photographs on the Internet of her with the descriptor “dead body.” We talk to our daughters about how not to be raped. We need to talk to our boys about not raping.

When horrible things happen in the news, we speak with our children about them. We talk to them about mass shootings, natural disasters. We talk to them about politics, about celebrity gossip, about what we watched on television last night. But how many of you talk to them about rape? Depending on the ages of your kids, I’m not saying you should go into graphic detail about the horrific circumstances involved in awful cases like the recent one in New Delhi, but we need to raise our kids on a steady information flow that having sex with a person without their consent is never okay. We teach our kids not to murder, we need to teach them not to rape. We need to teach them to protect those at keg parties when they are unconscious. We need to teach them that rape is not a crime of just sex, it’s a crime of violence.

Once again, Anonymous has proven to us that it’s not just a group of “internet hackers” who share their beliefs for a better world, it’s everyone from India to a small town in Ohio. It’s not just a group of people in masks supporting a girl who was the victim of a violent crime, it’s all of us. We just need to start teaching our kids that rape is never, ever okay, and we need to start demanding that our law enforcement officials start taking rape reports a lot more seriously, even if they involve members of a beloved football team.


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