Anons To Protest In Weirton Today Because Anonymous Really Hates Baby Rapists

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581598_1There are many facets and secs and divisions and groups within Anonymous but one thing that is usually agreed upon is that Anonymous really hates people who abuse children. And some Anons will be staging a vigil today in front of the Hancock County Courthouse in New Cumberland from 12 to three o-clock. The protest is said to be peaceful with attendees asked to bring a sign with a simple question mark written on them.

Tyler Graham, of Weirton, West Virginia, was released on a $50,000 bond on February 19th after being charged with one count of sexual abuse by a parent or person in trust of a child, which is a felony.  From The Weirton Daily


Police said the child’s mother had taken her daughter to the pediatrician for help with what she thought was a case of diaper rash. The pediatrician, however, examined the child and referred her to a gynecologist.

The mother took her daughter to Weirton Medical Center, and personnel there notified police of the suspected sexual abuse.

The toddler had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and required surgery, authorities said.

The “alleged” two-year-old victim, and I really hate using the word alleged to describe a two-year-old, was under the care of the mother’s boyfriend when the abuse took place. I also hate using the word alleged in conjunction with this crime, because if a two-year-old baby has contracted an STD than something obviously took place that never, ever should have with this baby. As I’m sure you can imagine, because this protest is being organized by Anonymous, some lovely people have all ready taken issue with a peaceful protest against child abuse. From the blog of Lee Stranahan:

I have no idea whether the wildly punctuated comments are true or not. Nobody does.

What I know for sure is that unsourced rumors posted by anonymous people shouldn’t be part of the legal or media process.


I disagree with this 100%, because when something horrific like this does happen everyone should be protesting it. I don’t care if you agree with Anonymous or not. And a lot of people attending the rally will be driving a great distance, spending their hard-earned money on gas to get there, and standing in freezing weather to question why a man accused of raping a child and giving her an STD is out on bail. Thank God or Goddess or the dolphins or whatever you believe in for Anonymous. Anyone who speaks out against the abuse of children is a hero in my book.

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