Anonymous Mom: Refusing To Talk To Your Kids About Racial Slurs Is Bad Parenting

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There are some moments in parenting that we dread and some things for which

we think we are all prepped for. The first thing that springs to mind is sex. Nope, not that one. There was something else that totally caught me off guard. Something for which I was shockingly unprepared.

My son is obsessed with swearing. He loves the sound, the intensity, the silliness, and the freedom that surely must come with the ability to say whateverthefuck you want wheneverthehell you want because that’s what adults do. We swear. Constantly. It’s just fuck-fuckity-fuck-fuck and shitgoddamnpissbitch 24/7 when you’re a grown-up. He believes this with all his sweet little heart.

One evening, while listening to the news, a reporter said “The N Word.” My son got that gleam in his eye. A new off-limits word – that he didn’t know – was on the

horizon. Oh boy!

Oh shit.

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