Annie Lennox Is Totally Correct In Calling Out Lame Pornographic Music Videos

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tumblr_mmkh8bdEGA1r31mkdo1_500Annie Lennox is forever the coolest because she has the nerve to call out the slew of trashy, hyper-sexualized, degrading music videos that have come out recently on her Facebook page. I am not for censoring anything, but I do think if you are going to make music videos that depict you and female dancers writhing around in highly sexualized performances, you do not need to stick some parental warnings on these videos. It’s all gross and inappropriate and I’m also tired of it.

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She is totally right. We don’t need our kids seeing junk like this.

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Yes, we can argue that we should all have our kid’s Internet access locked down and not let them watch these You Tube videos but that doesn’t mean that they won’t see snippets on TV commercials or on the school bus next to a friend who has a cell phone with Internet access or while having a playdate at a friend’s house. It’s just absurd. Most of the performers are marketed to kids, as in kids who are younger than 16, and I can even argue that 16-year-olds NEED to see it. Plus, listening to the music is it that amazing or life-affirming or awesome that we can’t live without it? Nope. It’s not empowering. It doesn’t add anything to healthy sexual awareness for kids.

I know music is all subjective and I’m sure many people like this stuff but I just don’t get it. And what I really don’t get is why, especially with female performers, their sexuality plays such a huge part in what is viewed as being relevant in pop music these days. Even at her “edgiest” Madonna wasn’t this explicit, and in the cases she was it was all slapped with a parental warning. I’m sure this is all just illustrating how old and peal-clutchy I am about this, but enough is enough all ready. Our kids don’t need to have these pop star’s vaginas shoved in their faces constantly in order to enjoy the music.

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