This Anne Geddes Faux Documentary Will Make You Shove Your Infant Into A Bucket

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anne geddesShow of hands, who here has an Anne Geddes book?

OK, maybe just me.

Yes, there is something so contrived and hokey about cute little babies directed into various positions while being shoved into a hollowed out watermelon but they are so adorable! And they are babies!

And sometimes they are posed with puppies and kittens! And turnips!

And admit it, there was a time when you tried to put your infant into a little cow costume and position her between two pumpkins so you could then photoshop a soft focus effect and turn it into a postcard to send to all your friends and family. And it probably worked out pretty well until she started hiccup-crying and threw up all over herself. I fully realize how cheesy and  contrived these photos are, but they are babies! And turnips!

I’ve never been a big fan of hauling my kids into photo studios or hiring a photographer to capture them well, being kids. My favorite photos of them are probably the ones that are totally candid, the temper tantrums and the splayed out asleep on the floor surrounded by Christmas wrapping and various pets. Now that they are growing up a bit, I sort of regret not having some very formal photos taken, but it’s too late now! The baby cute is over. And to be honest, I hide my Anne Geddes book in a storage box in my bookcase so no one can ever accuse me of being a sappy infant picture gawker.

But who here hasn’t wondered exactly how Anne Geddes gets the babies to look so sweet and peaceful while being  draped over a pumpkin or plopped in a pile of lettuce leaves?  Why are those babies always smiling and non-colicky and well-behaved and not puking? Thanks to the folks at Above Average we get to see exactly how a faux Anne Geddes works behind the scenes in “Beneath the Diaper.”

Hint? She hates babies!

[youtube_iframe id=”5Z8lbip5BDU”]