Darling Little Girl Offers Flowergirl Services At City Hall – Would Also Like A Unicorn

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annabella earl flowergirl for hire Most days I would be all cynical about things like this because you know what? Life stinks kid and you can’t always get what you want. But little Annabelle Earl from Brooklyn is so flipping cute she has made my cold, black heart grow three sizes today by going to city hall and offering her flower girl services to any couple waiting to tie the knot. Yup, her mom put her in a dress, let her buy some flowers from a bodega, and she stood around and propositioned couples until she found a taker. From

Back in April, Kim Earl had taken Annabelle to Washington, D.C., where they visited Yoko Ono’s “Wishing Tree” in a Smithsonian sculpture garden. Annabelle walked up to it and whispered her heart’s desire.

“Then she said to me, ‘Can I tell you what I wished for?’ I said of course and she said, ‘I wished for a rainbow unicorn for a pet, a real one,'” her mother recalled.”I said, ‘Sweetie, those aren’t real. You can’t have that.’ And she was devastated.”Some other options were discussed and Annabelle decided that if she couldn’t have a rainbow unicorn she would like to be a flower girl.There was only one problem.”We don’t have anyone in our circle close to being married,” her mother said.

Annabella’s mom took her to the City Clerk’s office in Manhattan, where 20,000 New Yorkers get hitched every year in a no-frills $25 ceremony, and see if anyone wanted her services. After they found a couple who would let Annabela take part in the ceremony she got cold feet and her mom had to hold her because she was scared, and then she did what any other rational person would do (JUST LIKE ME) asked the bride if there was cake.  Because there was no cake, her mom took her to a bakery and bought her cake.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think the logical conclusion to this story is that some famous celebrity who is getting married asks Annabella to be their flower girl and she gets to attend some major fancy nuptials and they also buy her a real unicorn. I’m all for this plan.

(Image:Shelli Jensen/shutterstock)