Even Celebs Aren’t Immune To Having People Hush Their Babies On A Plane

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We have written about the controversial topic of Babies On A Plane (new movie title?) several times and it’s a subject that never fails to ignite a heated debate. Do people have a right to expect parents to keep their babies totally quiet on a flight? I say no. Are people total jerks for calling out parents who ARE making an effort, thereby compounding what is already a stressful situation? I say yes. Of course, one might think that a parent being in a position of fame or privilege would mean they are immune to dealing with the ire of people on a plane irritated by their noisy baby. Anna Faris proves that is not at all the case in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

From Huffington Post:

Anna Faris knows firsthand the struggles of flying with a baby. In a Tuesday appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the actress recalls traveling to London to visit her husband Chris Pratt while he was shooting “Guardians of the Galaxy” with their then-infant, Jack.

Jack was making some noises, as babies do, she explained. “Not screaming, not crying, just being adorable, I thought… But I’m also sweating because you know everyone is hating me around me.”

It’s heartening to see that us plebes aren’t the only ones that sweat when their babies “misbehave” in a public setting. I know my edginess about this drives my husband nuts. I am hyper-aware of how unappreciated my kids’ noise might be to bystanders and am always vigilant about keeping them quiet. Poor Anna, I totally get it. She goes on to explain what happened next:

And then, came the dreaded “shush” from another passenger. “I look over and it’s Mickey Rourke,” Faris told Kimmel. “I was already so nervous before, knowing that everyone hated me, then to have Mickey Rourke confirm that… didn’t feel great!”

Ugh, Anna! I can’t imagine how embarrassed she must have been. Not only to have her baby shushed, but by a fellow famous person. Celebrities. They really ARE just like us when it comes to being parent-shamed!

That said, I will never understand people getting upset about a loud baby on a plane. Toddlers and pre-schoolers are another story. They can be distracted or given Goldfish crackers or set up with a movie. Babies cannot. I have no doubt that any parent flying with a little baby is doing everything in their power to keep that baby quiet and happy. If I hear a crying baby on a flight, unless the parent is zoning out and downing vodka shots while their baby screams unattended, all I can feel is sympathy. Other passengers can always toss on headphones and ignore it. A parent with a screaming infant has no choice and is probably panicking and sweating, praying for the flight to end. I will always try to be the understanding face in the crowd because I think these poor parents have enough to deal with.

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