Anna Duggar Gets Ripped Apart on Twitter After Posting Family Photo

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Anna Duggar posted a lovely photo of her ever-growing family on Twitter to celebrate Christmas – and was instantly ripped a new one by haters. The mother of 5 has been through a lot over the last few years and almost all of it comes from her husband’s sex scandals from 2015. Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar clan, was not only caught using an online prostitute website to cheat on his wife, but was accused of sexually abusing his sisters.

Needless to say, fans of the family were pretty angry when Anna decided to stay with Josh. Those “fans” still aren’t over the Counting On star’s choice, and they make sure to remind her of it every chance they get. This includes an innocent Christmas post, reports CafeMom.

“Merry CHRISTmas!” Anna Duggar captioned the post, emphasizing her love of Christ – which only fueled the trolls.

“How can you all proclaim to be followers of Christ yet turn a blind eye to Josh’s horrific Child molestation?” one follower posted. “I never even heard him apologize.”

Perhaps this is why Anna Duggar has been fairly quiet on social media over the last few years? Of course, the Duggars as a whole are used to having their faith thrown in their faces, especially when it contradicts their actions. But not everyone chose to go that route. Some simply questioned Anna’s choice to stay with Josh.

“Anna I am disgusted you chose to remain with a predator,” follower @sista_sloth posted. “If he can molest his sisters without anyone knowing and sneak around with prostitutes without you knowing, then he can molest your children without you knowing. Do the right thing: Save your babies. Leave him.”

A number of fans have expressed their concerns for the Duggar children living with Josh. Of course, this concern only grows as they grow their brood. But the family says that they continue to work on their marriage. What’s more, that Josh is recovering from his “sex addiction” after returning from rehab.

Josh and Anna Duggar recently welcomed their fifth child, a boy named Mason, into the family. A photo of their youngest daughter Meredith kissing little Mason was also included in the family Christmas post.

Do you think Anna Duggar gets too much grief? Did she make the right decision?

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(Image: Facebook/Josh & Anna Duggar)