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Anna Duggar’s Tweet Supporters Prove Duggar Fans Are Not Just Fundamentalists. They’re Racist, Too‏

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Sorry for being so sensitive to the idea of women of every color having a choice in what happens to their bodies. Geeze.

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Well, dearest Whitney- clearly, YOU know nothing about the Duggars to not see why anyone would hate them. Paying their own way for their giant family does not make them immune to criticism and people calling out their offensive views.

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Geez, Morgan- I too hate racism. At least we have that in common. #blessed

So, let’s review. Why is this offensive? To start with, as I stated above, Anna Duggar and the Radiance Foundation are somehow pushing their anti-choice agenda into Black History Month. That is offensive, point blank. It is also a little rich on Anna’s part to be so concerned about African-American babies because I highly doubt the Duggars have plans to adopt unwanted African-American babies anytime soon, so who the fuck are they to tell African-American women to continue with unwanted pregnancies? It is none of their business, period. Overall, the anti-choice movement is offensive because obviously, there are different schools of thought on when life begins. Not everyone shares the Duggar’s convictions that birth control is the devil and that women should have babies until their bodies give out. And not everyone is in a stable situation and easily able to welcome and care for a child. This is not everyone’s truth, Duggars. If you are pro-life, keep having babies and don’t use birth control- why worry over the choices of other women? If you are going to promote an agenda, how about worrying over the families in poverty that already exist? That would be a cause that everyone could get behind.

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