Ann Romney Shares The Best ‘Slacker Mom’ Time-Saving Tip Ever

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Ann RomneyIt would appear that both the Obamas and the Romneys are hitting up the day and nighttime talk show circuit in this last election stretch. Proud mother of five Ann Romney visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in addition to sharing some compliments for First Lady Michelle Obama, the Mormon wife revealed how exactly she got her five boys ready for church each week. Take notes because this is a good one!

Despite Jay’s intended-to-be-humorous suggestion that Ann and Michelle have a cat fight, Ann describes Michelle as a “beautiful woman” who she actively loves. That may very well be PR protocol at this tail end of the election season, but Jay’s not so funny depiction with claws and cat noises hints at a much larger and damaging sentiment regarding women and debates. It would seem that no matter how ugly male politicians can get during an election, their discourse is still respected as — well — discourse. Yet any two ladies who heatedly debate an issue or who express differing views are treated to the old “cat fight!” exclamation. Luckily, Ann didn’t take that sexist bait.

Yet, when Jay inquired about any of Ann’s “mom confessions,” the mother was quick to let that metaphoric cat out of the bag. With five young sons and a husband who was at early meetings, Ann Romney had quite the predicament of getting to church on time. And her “confession” connotes both “slacker mom” stereotypes as well as some very humorous images of little boys sleeping in ties:

“So I came up with this idea of dressing the boys before they went to bed..All dressed up ready to go for church, woke them up in the  morning, comb their hair, look pretty good to me, out you go.”

Let it be known that even Ann Romney, respected mommy of five and devoted wife of over 40 years, took some “shortcuts” with her seemingly “perfect” family. Despite whatever glossiness often accompanies political families, even those ladies at the top have a few rather unrefined tactics up their Stepford wife sleeves. One percent mommies can have a little “slacker mom” in them too.