Brad And Angelina Taking Their Sweet, Sweet Time With Their Engagement For The Gays

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angelina jolie weddingBlame Angelina Jolie‘s sentiments on her less than gorgeous engagement ring, but fiancé Brad Pitt has announced that the couple has no plans to wed anytime soon. The father of six also addressed what many were thinking when the long-term glamor couple announced their engagement — what happened to waiting for same-sex marriage, Brangelina?

At a Cannes event for Brad’s new film Killing Them Softly, the father affirmed the couple’s original testament to not marry until same-sex couples could:

“We truly have no date. I’m still hoping we’ll figure out our marriage equality in the States before then.”

In less civil rights reasoning, Brad also reportedly alluded to his fiancée’s filming schedule being an impediment to setting a date. No word on if the Jolie-Pitts are waiting on a federal recognition of same-sex marriage or simply their favorite states before kicking their own wedding into gear. The Defense of Marriage Act currently prevents federal recognition of same-sex marriage, but with President Obama recently coming out in support of said unions, perhaps the Jolie-Pitt engagement won’t be as long off as Brad thinks.