Angelina Jolie Realizes Just How Lucky Celebrity Moms Are

Angelina Jolie Says Moms Shouldn't Complain Leave it to Angelina Jolie to set the record straight on how lucky celebrity parents truly are. It is so refreshing in the era of GOOP-y Gwyneth Paltrow to hear about a celebrity mom who has her head firmly out of her ass and her finger on the pulse of real world parenthood. You know, where the rest of us live and raise children without the benefit of an army of nannies, chefs, personal trainers, chauffeurs, stylists and housekeepers. I find the trend of celeb moms discussing in interviews how they are just like regular moms- or worse- saying they have it harder, a la Gwyneth, to be incredibly insulting. According to, Angelina Jolie was quoted recently by the Daily Mail stating that ”I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn’t complain” She goes on to say “Consider all the people who really struggle and don’t have the financial means, don’t have the support, and many people are single raising children. That’s hard.”

Can I get an AMEN to that? When I hear Gwyneth chiding us all about how much harder a day ”on set” is than a day working a regular 9-5 job I have the urge to take iPhone video of me sliding on my shoes at 7:10am as I fly out the door holding my son’s swim clothes (that I just ripped from the dryer half-damp), my purse, his snack, my make-up bag (because naturally, I woke up late and have to put it on once I get to my desk) and my son so I can rush him to pre-school and me to work. This is in sharp contrast to arriving ”on set” via chauffeured sedan and having a crew prettify you while your $200,000 nanny takes your children off your hands and teaches them Mandarin Chinese and feeds them organic kale chips. It is heartening to see a celebrity taking notice of the fact that she is beyond advantaged in her life as a very famous and wealthy person and that it is insulting to suggest that her day-to-day is anything like that of someone in my position. Of course, celebrity motherhood has its own challenges with having your children thrust into the spotlight (whether they like it or not) and having to be away from them for long periods of time but I truly believe that the millions of dollars they make and helpful support staff must ease most of those difficulties.

So bravo to Angelina for remembering us little people and having the perspective to realize that compared to the average mom, her life is basically a piece of cake.

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