Six Kids Later, Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring Is Like A Big Push Present

angelina jolie engagement ringBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie confirmed their engagement last week putting to rest that obligatory wait period on any rumored marital news for the famously unwed pair. After seven years together and six children, Brad and Angelina are apparently looking to lock their union down the somewhat old-fashioned way. And since Angelina has spoken before about the couple’s monumental commitment together after building their family, the Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring reads more like a very belated push present than an engagement token.

Given that the couple already has promised “the greatest commitment you could possibly have,” to quote Angelina, the $250,000 ring seems like a “thanks for having my babies” gift — complete with subsequent party and princess dress. That’s not to say that the Academy Award winning actress doesn’t deserve it or that the two aren’t entitled to revisit that commitment with some reflection and a ceremony. But quite a handful of children later, the sentiment has no doubt been compounded with parenthood.


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