Angelina Jolie Was Able To Keep Her Double Mastectomy A Secret Via Her Children

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angelina jolie and maddox LAXThe morning that Angelina Jolie‘s brave New York Times op-ed about her double mastectomy broke, I was in bed. In the wee early morning hours, I checked my phone to see an e-mail from Eve Vawter about the editorial. And just as I was starting to cognitively put “Angelina Jolie” and “breast cancer” together in my head, my first thought was “how did she keep this a secret?” Apparently even her on-again off-again estranged papa Jon Voight had the same question.

Angelina’s dad reportedly told New York Daily News that he didn’t have a clue about his daughter’s surgeries despite seeing both she and her brother Jamie two days ago. He says that he nevertheless “absolutely” respected her decision and her announcement.

People magazine has gone back over a timeline of the last few months of Angelina Jolie’s life (probably to figure out where they failed to break the news) and discerned that Angelina covered her tracks very, very carefully. Of course, it’s totally absurd that when being faced with a terminal cancer and major surgery, the mother of six had to even be concerned with her “tracks.”

But the key to Angelina’ secrecy apparently was closely tied to keeping the day-to-day of her brood exactly the same. The devil is in the details:

Though a source confirms that the actress’s private obstetrician-gynecologist visited her on several occasions in January, her schedule – and her kids’ schedules – remained unchanged.

“Things appeared normal,” a family insider told PEOPLE. “The kids were in school during the day and attending after-school activities as they always do.”

Sorry you had to keep all that nonsense on your mind during what I’m certain must, and continues to be, a very scary time, Angelina.

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