Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Take Pax Back To Vietnam, First Time Since Adoption

Angelina Jolie Pax VietnamAngelina Jolie has always said that she wants her adopted children to maintain strong ties to their respective cultures and countries. Since the Jolie-Pitt brood travels so often and have such immeasurable wealth, they clearly can afford to maintain such ties to these far away nations. The family recently took little Pax on first trip back to Vietnam since his adoption four years ago.

Seven-year-old Pax was abandoned in a Vietnamese orphanage shortly after his birth in 2003. He lived there for three years before being adopted by Angelina and Brad.

The family is photographed here in Ho Chi Minh City, but no word yet on whether the couple will return to Pax’s orphanage. Regardless, I’m sure that the voyage is a special one for the little boy and his parents and I wonder if he’s even aware yet of how different his life could have been.

It’s difficult to know whether, if when turning street corners with his parents, he feels that intended reattachment to his cultural heritage at all. With such high-profile parents, I’m sure the camera lenses and trailing paparazzi in the United States look the same as they do in Vietnam — at least to him.


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