Anderson Cooper Invites On Botox Human Barbie Mom So That He Can Boot Her Off

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Sarah BurgeAs our Lindsay Cross wrote not too long ago, mommy shaming has become a cultural American past-time. Bad parenting has become the pop culture train wreck that everyone seems to want to tune into, from Toddlers & Tiaras to Teen Mom to Dance Moms. And while nearly everyone and their mother chimes in to deride the likes of tanning mom or whatever new parent of the week managed to get their toddler eyelash extensions,  the shaming has also made way for straight up gawking. So when Anderson Cooper booted Sarah Burge, the “Human Barbie,” from his talk show, one has to wonder if it wasn’t just more intentional gasoline for the great Bad Parenting bonfire.

Anderson apparently invited on Sarah, the plastic surgery enthusiast who gave a breast implant voucher and a liposuction voucher to her 7-year-old daughter, to talk botox. The mother recently began hosting kiddie parties at botox clinics and oversees botox injection for her 15-year-old daughter — so basically, Child Protective Services has their work cut out for them. But when the mother tried to defend her poor reasoning, Anderson booted the lady from the stage Jerry Springer style while the audiences clapped in approval.

Anderson’s moment of distaste might be genuine, but his “you’re dreadful” delivery reads as calculated as Sarah’s eye makeup. And while he’s not alone in his spectacle-making of poor parenting decisions, his show’s decision to make a witch trial out of a very detrimental parenting choice depicts her decisions as mere entertainment — not as a profound disservice to her girls.

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UPDATE Watch Anderson defend his decision:

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