And The Sexist Shirts For Your Daughter Keep On Coming, This Time From Forever 21

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Yet another way to tell your daughter via wardrobe that she’s not smart enough to handle arithmetic has landed in stores. Akin to JCPenney’s “I’m too pretty to do math” comes this reiteration from Forever 21: “Allergic To Algebra.”

An editor at Reddit originally spotted the shirt and upon snapping a picture, found the little addition shown above. As much as I love the image of a smart 15 year-old whipping out her post-its and affixing her commentary to the shirt, I’m also inclined to believe that a disgruntled mother (or father) happened upon the mannequin and sought it fit to leave a note for the many shopping teens who frequent such stores.

Frankly, I’m most pleased to see this type of “on the ground” reaction to sexist t-shirts for girls. There’s nothing new about these types of garments and messages of course, as I remember such shirts like these even when I was little girl. The repeated coverage of them and exposure however demonstrates that people, both the childless and parents, care deeply about what our daughters are being told to value — as well as what our culture at large considers their values to be just because they’re girls.


[UPDATE: You can sign a petition demanding that the shirt be pulled from stores over at]