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Anal Sex Is Like Cilantro: Yes Or No?

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77136916__1389202567_142.196.167.223Around the Mommyish offices – we talk a lot about sex. Women in general probably talk a lot about sex but there’s one discussion topic that we’ve all individually noticed that many hetero women (and moms) shy away from. Not all – obviously – but many. We’re talking about anal.

Who here likes anal?


Some of us believe that anal is like cilantro – you either love it or don’t want it anywhere near your plate. In our very scientific intra-office poll of 5 people, all of our partners had brought it up in some way – by either joking about it, pitching the idea, or straight up asking for it. If you watch porn at all, you would think that it’s something that everyone has in their bedroom repertoire. Fifty Shades of Grey kind of put it on the table, right? Actually, we don’t know. None of us have read that book, but we hear there was a lot of anal.

So what says you? Do you enjoy cilantro*? Is it something that you cook with often or sparingly? Are you like the 50% of the population who thinks it tastes like soap? Do you add it to your meals because your partner enjoys it, or are you the one who stocks it in your cupboard with some regularity? We must know.

*Cilantro = anal sex

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