An Average Day In The Mommyish Offices, In GIFs

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1950s secretariesWhat’s an average day like in the Mommyish offices, you ask? I get this one on the regular from friends, family, prospective employees, and intern candidates. Truthfully, there isn’t one. But this as about as “average” as it gets.

1. Eve Gets Up

My associate editor Eve Vawter gets up at dark-thirty to see what has happened in the world since we’ve been sleeping. I would otherwise feel bad about asking her to do this, but she routinely tells me that she hasn’t slept in in 17 years due to the fact that she has four kids. By this point in her day, she has also already been awake sorting her kids’ lunches and dealing with cat vomit.

Eve emails me either a crazy story, some #RagingHard story, or some nail art she found on Pinterest. I usually see this, smile, and go back to sleep. But not really.

2. I Get Into The Office

I say hi to The Gloss, Crushable, and Gurl ladies and start editing our big features for the day. I’m also keeping an eye on the Twittersphere in case something breaking happens that would deter our coverage. “Stop the presses” days on Mommyish have been rare, but they do happen. Sometimes I find stories for Eve and she finds stories for me. Sometimes I get emails from readers who are like YOU NEED TO COVER THIS RIGHT NOW. Sometimes Kate Middleton breaks a nail. You never know what kind of day you’ll get. But, regardless of what we cover, it inevitably leads to…

3. I Edit Eve


It’s no secret that Eve likes the F bomb. Sometimes, I have to talk her back by a few “fucks.” Conversely, she sometimes walks me forward by a few.

4. We Write A Bunch Of Stuff

I’m sure you’re familiar.

5. The Entire Staff Gets Into An Awesome Debate — About Anything

We are house divided on many, many, MANY things. We’re always talking, debating, disagreeing, and workshopping alternative ideas and viewpoints. Imagine a free for all college seminar — only with way more swearing. Sometimes, these opposing views work their way into articles. Other times, it’s Eve and I debating the best Bowie GIF.

6. I Have Meetings

I step away from the site and leave the ladies amongst themselves. Usually when I come back, Eve has been deep in conversation with our intern Frances Locke about how she once bred with a Juggalo and is a closeted “Doomsday Prepper Mom.” Eve always nominates these for articles and I always say yes.

7. We Find A News Story That Outrages All Of Us

From hypocritical mothers doling out a big helping of slut-shaming to pedophile socialites, it happens. Every. Day.

8. People Send Me A Ton Of Pitches

Fact: I get A LOT of really good pitches.

9. An AWESOME reader says something AWESOME in the comments 

Sometimes we dance.

10. People Send Us Some Really, Really Awful Hate Mail

11. People Send Us Some Friendly “We Just Like You” Mail

12. Eve Asks If She Can Eat Some Random Placenta…For An Article

— Eve Note–  This article is pretty much factual except for this last one.

I ask Koa if I can accept placenta that a lovely reader has graciously offered me. Koa says


At which point I complain to Blair about it, and she always takes my side.

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(photo:  Clapagaré ! (Les chiquitos))