Amy’s Kitchen Recalls Food Over Listeria Fears Because Even Organic Spinach Wants To Kill Your Whole Family

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11009944_10150526308419969_2104942671406842464_nThe news of the recent Kraft Macaroni and Cheese recall cut me to my core, but it did not surprise me because on some level I have always assumed that my abiding love of orange cheese will eventually be my downfall. But today news of the latest big food scare comes from a “wholesome” source, because Amy’s Kitchen is recalling thousands of cases of frozen organic meals, and this time spinach is to blame.

Amy’s Kitchen is one of those suppliers parents love because it makes you feel good about feeding your kids “healthful” and “organic” foods, but it still allows you to just stick a burrito in the damn microwave and have something hot that your kid will eat in a minute and a half. But today, according to CBC, Amy’s Kitchen is recalling 73,000 cases of food products on the grounds that the organic spinach contained within might have been tainted with listeria bacteria. Listeria can cause miscarriage in pregnant women and can be fatal to babies and elderly people or people with weakened immune systems. Avoiding exposure to listeria is one of the biggest food safety concerns of pregnant women, so I’m sure a lot of pregnant women are freaking out right about now, but so far there has not been news of anyone actually becoming sick from any of the food in question.

Amy’s Kitchen says that it is voluntarily recalling the spinach-containing products out of an “abundance of caution” after learning that the spinach might have been exposed to listeria at some point before being delivered to Amy’s. The full list of recalled products is available here.

Photo: Facebook/Amy’s Kitchen