Of Course Amy Poehler Wore Her Son’s $2 Ring To The Emmys

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Amy PoehlerThe 2012 Emmys were a little tame this year, but two of the best moments of the night involved one really phenomenal lady. It’s no secret that we’ve been mom-crushing pretty hard on Amy Poehler. Now she’s just given us more reasons to want to be her friend. Any day now we’ll find out she’s a different species of advanced, adorable, awesome humanoid beings. The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were just another bit of proof.

First, there was her red carpet ensemble. Poehler was wearing a stunning Stella McCartney gown. She was even showing off a little post-break-up cleavage. I haven’t spoken to Will Arnett this morning, but I’m guessing he got the message from that dress. A hundred times better than the dress though was Amy’s choice of accessories. We’re used to seeing celebrities decked out in millions of dollars of jewels. We assume that we’ll hear names like Harry Winston and Bulgari. Instead, Poehler decided to wear a $2 ring from her son’s toy box. Even more, she wore it in the spot where she used to wear her wedding ring.

Poehler explained to Ryan Seacrest that one of her sons decided she needed to wear the gem that night. “He told me I should wear it, and I listen to him,” she said.

As a mom, I couldn’t help but imagine that little scene playing out. I was thinking about two little toddlers watching their mom get ready for this huge fancy event. Their mom wouldn’t be wearing the ring that they’re used to seeing her with, her wedding ring. My daughter likes to play with mine all the time, and I’m positive she would notice it’s absence. And I can just imagine that if I wasn’t wearing mine anymore, my little girl would pull something suitable out of her dress-up trunk to take its place. I have to assume that it’s what happened here with Poehler. And instead of pretending to humor her little boy and then throwing on the expected Hollywood baubles, this actress wore her son’s gift the whole time.

God, I love her.

Of course, another awesome and unexpected moment from the Emmys also included Amy. Apparently she and Julia Louise-Dreyfus decided to break the tension in the room by playing a little joke. Check out this video of Dreyfus’s acceptance speech for her work on the new comedy series Veep. I guess even her competitors kind of agreed that this should have been Poehler’s year.

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