I May Be Getting Sucked Into The Cult Of The American Girl Doll

F2718SET_main_1My kid is nine. I think it’s right about this age during the month of December when a lot of parents just throw their hands up in the air and become card carrying magazine subscribing members of the American Girl Doll cult club. These dolls weren’t around when I was growing up, so I don’t know a lot about them, except for they are very expensive.

Very expensive. Like this will be the only present from Santa under the tree expensive. A doll and book run around 110 clams. I like the fact the dolls come with a book. I like the fact that dolls look like little girls, and as far as I can tell, none of them are wearing fishnets or stilettos. I like the fact the dolls have a historical aspect to them. But what I don’t like is how any additional junk you buy for the dolls is way expensive. Take this little goat for example:



It’s adorable! But it’s another 20 bucks. But come on, your doll needs a goat right? You basically have to have the goat. And then there’s this spa chair:


This spa chair costs an additional 110 bucks. But how can you have a doll with NO goat and no spa chair? It’s basically unheard of. And then there’s this science lab set, and I am sorry, but I refuse to have my kid playing with her doll when she has no goat, no spa chair, and no science set. How will she conduct experiments on the goat after a relaxing day at the spa?


Not to mention all the adorable breakfast sets and clothing and beds and everything else they carry for these dolls. Snowman sets!

This is how it happens right? One day you are contemplating a doll set and the next you are buying this doll goats to play with. And I know some of you parents have gotten sucked into this cult too, because you have second mortgages out on your house and you only eat Ramen for dinner, but your doll has its very own hair extensions, cello and 300 dollar parlor:


OK, maybe the 300 dollar parlor is pushing it but I have no idea where your goat can receive guests without it.

(Images: American Girl Doll)

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