American Girl Just Shocked Everyone by Releasing Its First-Ever American Boy Doll

American Girl just announced its new dolls for 2017, and the new line-up includes a real game-changer for the company, because it is introducing its first-ever 18-inch boy doll.

The new doll’s name is Logan Everett, and he’s a cute little kid with short, light brown hair and a blue plaid shirt. His backstory indicates that he’s a drummer from Nashville, and he’s friends with another new doll, Tenney Grant, whose thing is that she’s a singer-songwriter who looks a lot like Carrie Underwood. (Now I feel like Logan looks like a tiny version of Blake Shelton.)

Parents have actually been asking for a boy American Girl doll for a while. Just like girls play with “action figures,” boys play with dolls. Some boys play with girl dolls, but some boys play with boy dolls. And some girls want boy dolls to play with, too. It’s a logical extension for the brand.

Julie Parks, director of public relations for American Girl, says that a boy doll has been one of the top requests for years, almost since the very beginning of the company back in 1986. There is a healthy community of American Girl doll customizers specifically making “boy” dolls, but those are pricey on eBay, and it’s not the same as being able to just go get a “real” doll in the store.

“Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time,” she said, noting that parents and customers have been expressing a desire for more diverse dolls in many ways.

A lot of American Girl fans are still really upset about the fact that American Girl dolls will have sewn-on underwear from now on, but news of the first American Boy doll should make them pretty happy. Logan and Tenney go on sale on February 16.

Old-school fans will also be excited to note the return of Felicity, the Revolutionary War-era redhead with a penchant for getting into wild adventures. She’s one of the greats and everyone was sad when she was retired from the BeForever line of historical dolls, so it’s good to see her back again with some new clothes and accessories. I wonder if she’ll meet Alexander Hamilton?

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