Amber Tamblyn Admits Her Husband Drank Breast Milk After She Enjoyed Her First Drink Since Becoming a Mom

Sometimes couples are intimate on levels that we may not understand. Actress Amber Tamblyn admitted that her husband, actor David Cross, drank her breast milk. Amber Tamblyn, who is mother to 3-month-old daughter Marlow Alice got to have her first alcoholic beverage since giving birth. So, of course when the opportunity presented itself, like most women, she took it. So, on Mother’s Day (how appropo!) she imbibed.

Amber Tambyln
Image: Giphy / Inside Amy Schumer

”I had a giant glass of bourbon, my first in almost a full year, And then my next two pumping sessions ended up in my husband’s mouth, let’s be honest.” she told PEOPLE while on the red carpet for her new film (that she directed!!) Paint It Black.

Because Tamblyn had been drinking, she didn’t want to give little Marlow her boozy milk. Basically she pumped and dumped, but the dump wasn’t down the drain, it was down her husband’s throat. Depending on how much you’ve had to drink, pumping and dumping isn’t necessary, but if you feel more comfortable doing so then by all means go ahead! You can also find alternate uses for it if wasting such a treasure makes you feel uneasy.

Speaking further about Cross, Tamblyn admitted ”He was like, ”˜I want to try that since the baby can’t have it,’” That’s not actually that odd of a request. Lots of people are curious about the taste of breast milk. I admit to trying my own. I was curious, it was there…so why not? It’s like that episode of ‘Friends’ when everyone dares Ross to drink Carol’s breast milk. It’s not weird, it just doesn’t taste like any other kind of milk.


But, when she was asked what he thought about the taste of the milk, ”He said it was creamy. He liked it ”” of course he did!”

I mean, it doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world to drink. With the consistency of early breast milk, it was probably like a bourbon infused milkshake. People pay money for those! Some people would probably pay money for a bourbon infused breast milk shake too actually. But that’s a whole different story. Really, what Amber and David did here is not that out of the norm. At least she can feel better knowing that her milk didn’t go to waste!

(Image: Instagram / @davidcrossofficial)

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