Amber Rose’s Bush Photo Was Photoshopped, and for a Good Cause

Those of you familiar with model Amber Rose might know recall that not long ago, she was making headlines for a rather salacious image she posted on Instagram. Yep, I’m talking about the time the Amber Rose bush made it’s way to the internet . The image was quickly taken off Instagram, but the 33-year-old managed to repost it to her Twitter for further views. This wound up causing some drama with Piers Morgan, too, who just didn’t get it. Well, now we’re finding out that Amber Rose’s bush photo was photoshopped, though all for a good cause.

So Was it Real?

In a recent, exclusive interview with Refinery 29, Rose revealed that she actually had her tattoos photoshopped out in order to put the central focus on her pubes. Interesting move, no? That said, the bush was totally all her. In fact, she even revealed that she uses baby oil gel to keep it neat.

“I feel like as women, we always feel like we need to shave or wax””and if we don’t, then we’re considered unkempt or unclean or we’re gonna smell funny. I believe that it’s natural and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it,” Rose said in the interview. She did mention that having a bush doesn’t necessarily equate to being a feminist, though, and that she herself goes back and forth between shaving and not.

“It really depends on my mood and how I feel.” I’m right there with you, Rose.

#SlutWalk and #BringBackTheBush

The controversial model hopes to achieve a few things with the still-trending image, two of which she pointed out by using the hashtags #slutwalk and #bringbackthebush in her post. Rose, who started popularizing SlutWalks in recent years, is hoping that the controversy inspires more folks to join the event. This year’s walk will be a 3-day conference and march starting October 1st in Downtown Los Angeles. The whole point of SlutWalk is to bring attention to ending rape culture, sexual violence, and gender inequality. Posting a half-nude image of her own hair-covered vulva certainly does hit all those marks, because those three issues won’t be gone until we can see Rose’s bush image and not have folks shaming her for it.

“I go far and beyond to piss people off on purpose. That’s what I do to bring awareness to Slutwalk and what’s going on. The fact that there are double standards, that women are not allowed to own their sexuality and their bodies. We can’t possibly be sexually confident, because then we’re whores. We’re not allowed to have a past. We’re incapable of love if we’re too beautiful or if we’re too successful. It’s all really, really fucked up,” Rose told Refinery.
We hear you, Rose. Here’s to this year’s SlutWalk being the biggest (and maybe even the bushiest) yet!
(Image: Twitter / @darealamberrose)

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