Here Is The Picture Of Amber Rose And Her Gigantic Baby Bump You Didn’t Ask For

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I don’t know that much about Amber Rose. She is a model! She used to date Kanye! She is having a baby! But this could all be solved by following her on Twitter or Instagram because she shares everything. Including photos showcasing her gigantic baby bump and her really cool manicure.

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By following Amber Rose on social media you basically get a play-by-play of her entire life, that she shares with rapper and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa. According to TMZ, Amber refers to Wiz as her husband even though they aren’t married yet, and this explanation is pretty cute:

Amber Rose got a little ahead of herself when she referred to Wiz Khalifa as “my husband” the other day … ’cause according to Wiz, they’re not exactly married … yet. Wiz and Amber were leaving the Bel Bambini baby store in L.A. yesterday (’cause Amber’s expected to give birth any day now) … and the rapper told us Amber’s “hubby” comment was sort of a joke. “We’ve always called each other husband and wife since day one,” Wiz told us … adding, “We’ve always been husband and wife.”Still, Wiz says the two are still planning on heading down the aisle in the near future … but the actual date is still a secret.

Other pretty adorable facts about this couple? The really appreciate their domestic help.

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Amber enjoys cooking and compares her head to a tennis ball:

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She is sort of fed up with her pregnancy:

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And she wants all of her fans to be patient because the baby isn’t due until the end of February:

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And whaaaaat? Has she been living under a rock or what?

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I hope someone gifts her the entire Pixar movie collection because as every parent knows, you will have seen most of these movies 1,000 times before your kid graduates high school. I’m not sure if there is a Wiz and Amber and baby reality show in the works or what, but it seems like if you are interested in this couple all you have to do is read their Twitter feeds. They will basically tell you everything you want to, or don’t want to know.
(photo: Twitter)