Amazon Is Sending Baby Registry Emails to Customers Without Baby Registries

One of the best parts about having a baby is completing your baby registry. You get to fantasy shop for a bunch of shit you don’t need, and people feel obligated to buy it for you! And it can all be done from the comfort of your couch. Amazon has a great baby registry program, and lots of soon-to-be parents use it. However, Amazon seems to think that EVERYONE has a baby registry. The company sent out a bunch of emails notifying customers that an item had been purchased from their registry. Problem was, most of the customers didn’t have a baby registry. Or, in some cases, even a baby.

Is there anything weirder than getting an email saying someone bought your child-free ass a baby gift?

A gift from a nonexistent baby registry would certainly be a surprise, Amazon!

Well, Tom, medical science makes advances everyday! Amazon would obviously be the first to know.

FYI, wine makes an excellent baby registry gift.

Well that’s awkward.

Amazon originally said the emails could be part of a phishing scam. But some users pointed out that the links all led back to Amazon.

Sounds like someone at Amazon goofed! No harm, no foul. Unless, of course, the email ended up in the inbox of someone struggling to get pregnant or someone who recently lost a baby. Getting an email like that would be like a kick to the throat. To anyone who got the email and IS expecting, congrats! We hope the ghost gift is just what you wanted.

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