Amazon Key Lets Couriers Just Open Your Damn Door to Deliver a Package

Amazon isn’t going to stop until they’re running every aspect of our damn lives, are they? It’s been a big year for the retail giant, and they’re about to make it bigger (and creepier?). Amazon Key is the newest Amazon service aimed at making our lives “easier”. Robots, here we come!

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Amazon Key allows couriers to unlock your front door, and leave your package inside. I don’t feel good about any of that.

The service uses Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock. When a delivery person arrives at your door, they scan a barcode, which sends a request to Amazon’s cloud. If it checks out, the cloud sends a message to the camera, prompting it to start recording. The courier then gets a prompt on their app, and when they swipe it, the smart lock unlocks the door. They open the door, deposit the package, and then lock the door with another swipe.

You’ll then get a confirmation from Amazon that your package was delivered, with a short video showing the transaction. THE FUTURE IS HERE.

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For $249.99, you get a smart lock, the camera, and free installation. Once it’s installed, whenever you order something from Amazon, you’ll have the option of in-home delivery. As of now, the system is only available in 37 cities where Amazon Logistics handles deliveries (so no rando third-party delivery people will be opening your door). Amazon has also tried to ease the fears people will logically have over a complete stranger opening their door. They’ll be notified at several points throughout the process, like when the delivery is expected to show up and once the van shows up. So you can start watching a live-stream to make sure it all goes according to plan.

Couriers are also instructed to knock or ring the bell first, to make sure people inside know the door is about to open. Because nothing will make you crap your pants like your locked front door opening from the outside.

The reactions on social media have been mixed, at best. While it sounds like a neat service, it also sounds like an actual anxiety-fueled nightmare. I feel like maybe we shouldn’t sacrifice feeling safe for a bump in convenience.

Just creeping on into your home with Amazon Key.

Prime really DOES offer everything!

Obviously there are going to be people who lose their mind over this, and I’m sure Amazon has already sold a bunch of bundles. My love for Amazon runs deep, but I’m not sure I want them opening my door to leave the package of paper towels I prime’d. Just hide it in the bushes like UPS, guys.

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