Amazing Video: London Rioter’s Mother Explains Why She Called Cops On Daughter

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Editor Shawna Cohen already alerted us to the compelling story of Adrienne Ives, the mother who turned in her own daughter for participating in the horrific London riots that have caused so much death and destruction. The daughter, 18-year-old Chelsea Ives, is London Olympics Ambassador and denies the charges.

In this YouTube below, the mother explains her decision and it makes for powerful television. I firmly believe this mother should be nominated for an award even if she’s simply doing the right thing. Far too many parents would not realize that the loving thing to do, upon becoming aware that your child is engaged in property destruction, is to hold them accountable.

We talked about this a bit when I wrote, in the aftermath of the bizarre Casey Anthony trial that my mother would “personally escort me to jail if I ever committed a crime.”

I had dinner with a friend last week who told me about his own son being such a monster that he almost had murderous thoughts about him. He’s now a grown man with a child of his own. And he’s been sober for years and is law-abiding now. But there was a time when he was caught going double the speed limit with a bong in his car. After spending the night in jail, the judge asked my friend if he thought his son was remorseful and had learned his lesson. “Absolutely not,” the father replied. And the son got another week.

This takes courage, but if you care about your child, helping them get out of trouble is not the way to demonstrate that, however difficult it may be.

Now, check out this amazing YouTube: